Birds CV

In total 75 articles in the following journals/magazines

Ornis Fennica
Birding World
Lintumies (in Finnish)
Ukuli (in Finnish)
Linnut (in Finnish)
Tringa (in Finnish)
Tiira (in Finnish)
Skärgård (in Swedish)
Luontokuva (in Finnish)
Suomen Luonto (in Finnish)


Hakala J, Tenovuo J: Identification and plumages of large pipits (Anthus campestris, A. novaeseelandiae and A. godlewskii).
Ornis Fennica 45, 131-7, 1968.

Tenovuo J, Varrela J: Identification of the Great Grey Shrike complex in Europe.
Alula 1, 2-11, 1998.

Perttula P, Tenovuo J: Great Grey Shrike subspecies excubitor, sibiricus and borealis.
Alula 8, 54-60, 2002.

Tenovuo J: Pacific Swift or an albino Common Swift?
Alula 9, 60-2, 2003.

Tenovuo J: White-rumped Swifts in Spain.
Birding World 17, 476-7, 2004.

Tenovuo J: Field identification of Little Egret and Western Reef Heron – can it be difficult?
Alula 11, 112-4, 2005.

Tenovuo J: Basra Reed Warbler – a little-known Western Paleartic bird.
Birding World 19, 66-8, 2006.

Tenovuo J: Ivory Gull and Sabine’s Gull: two rare European species breeding in Svalbard, Norway.
Birding World 24(7), 300-3004, 2011

Tenovuo J: Utön linnut – Fåglarnas Utö (Birds of Utö island), 144 pages. Publisher: Vrakplundrarförlaget, 2015

Tenovuo J. Birds eat birds. Luontokuva 37, 15-19,2/2022

Tenovuo J. Mysterious bird – Barred Warbler. Suomen Luonto 81/5, 26-29, 2022

Tenovuo J. Owls in the outer archipelago. Luontokuva 38, 22-27, 2023

Tenovuo J. Pelagic birding on the Atlantic coast. Linnut 58/2, ss. 36-45, 2023

Tenovuo J. Wintering birds in the outer archipelago. Luontokuva 39, 30-35, 2024


Published digiphotos of birds (> 1200)

In birding and nature magazines or books:

Birding World
British Birds
Dutch Birding
Fugle i Felten
Linnut-year books
Bongari-year books
Suomen Luonto (Finnish Nature)
Luontokuva (Nature Photograph)
Birds in Nature (Latvia, Putni dabã)
Pauksciai (Lithuania)
Behavioral Ecology

Guide to Birdwatchers; by Lasse J Laine, Otava Publishing Co., 2004
Birds I-III, ed by J Södersved et al., Weilin & Göös Publishing Co., 2008  (3 photos)
Spotter’s Guide to Birds of the Bushveld (by S C Kidson & H L van Niekerk, Briza Publications, South Africa, 2007) ( in total 18 photos)
Bushveld – a field guide from the Waterberg (by L Cutteridge, Durban, 2008) (5 photos)
Big Garden Birdwatch (winter guide), BirdLife Finland, 2009 (14 photos)
Atlas da Fauna do Vale do Coa (by R Tomé & P Catry, Pinhel, Portugal, 2009) (in total 15 photos)
tot Parc, Spain (2009, 2 photos)
Birds of the Alps (by B Caula, P L Beraudo & M Pettavino, Italy, 2009 (in total 51 photos)
Birds of South Africa (by S Kidson & H van Niekerk, Briza Publications, South Africa, 2014) (in total 5 photos)
Ornitologia Cuneese (by B Caula, PL Beraudo, Primalpe, Cuneo, 2014) (in total 31 photos)
Identification Guide to Finnish Birds (by Lasse J Laine, Otava, 2015) (in total 32 photos)
Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds, Vol I-II (by H Shirihai & L Svensson, Helm, 2018) (in total 9 photos)

plus in 25 different non-birding Finnish journals (newspapers etc)

plus (> 500 photos) on a number of webpages, such as

BirdLife Finland
Tarsiger. com
Donana Bird Tours
Scenic Bird Tours
Birds in Tanzania
Birdinfo. com
Radio Lapland etc

Other, such as

Birdphotos (5) to the information signs of Viikki nature
path, Helsinki 2006
Birdphotos (3) to the information signs of Pernajanlahti,
Finland 2007
Birdphotos (3) to the information signs of Noormarkku,
Finland 2010
Birdphotos (4) to the information signs of Parainen 2011
BirdLife-poster, Cyprus 2006
Information Poster, Metsähallitus, Finland 2007, 2014

Invited presentations of birds and/or birdphotos

1999- in total 73


Finnish Nature Photographers:
Picture of the Month: Grey Heron, July 2006
Liminka Bird photo festival, 2nd Prize, 2015
Birdlife Finland, Mark of Honor, 2016


Bird Photos, Turku, Ruissalo (Tammenterho) 2004 (own exhibition with 30 photos)
Birds from the Archipelago (together with Anne Tuominen), Tuusula, Tuuskoto 2007
Helsinki Fair, 2010
Utö Havshotel 2011 (together with Markus Varesvuo)
Turku City Library 2012 (together with Markus Varesvuo)
Maretarium, Kotka 2012 (together with Markus Varesvuo)
Studio Larus minutus, Helsinki 2020-

Other activities

Founding Member of Turku Ornithological Society 1966
Board Member of Turku Ornithological Society 1999-2000
In total of 31 bird columns in local leading newspaper (Turun Sanomat) 1999-2000
Member of the Organization of Finnish Nature Photographers
Member of the Organization of Nature Photographers of Turku district